Responsive Ad Formats

Digital Venture’s unique responsive ad format allows users to engage in a first-ever two-way communication with an ad. This revolutionary format eliminates the need for users to be redirected to a webpage by grouping relevant functionalities in a single ad unit resulting in a better user experience.  The responsive ad’s user journey is so flexible that users can take multiple paths providing a bespoke experience, including but not limited to booking appointments, changing the topics, and opting out of the ad experience altogether.



The responsive ad makes it easier to segment users, thus forming microsegments, which can be used by brands to enrich their Data Management Platform (DMP). The advantage of this optimised microsegmentation logic is not only better deterministic data on a brand’s user but also, minimises ad waste by optimising communication.



The responsive ad uses a GDPR compliant manner to collect deterministic data from users. In turn, this allows for more efficient retargeting and better personalise, relevant ads, which yields higher engagement and success by providing a more satisfactory user experience.






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Dana Al Abdulsalam March 14, 2018