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Mobile Ad Units

Achieve excellence with immersive rich media ad formats for your programmatic campaigns.


This parallax rich media unit adds captivating depth to your advertising, elevating your brand to new heights. By playing with perspective, you can craft mesmerizing imagery that dynamically shifts as users scroll. Immerse your consumers in an ad they won't resist exploring.

Add to Wallet

Experience the power of immediate results with our advertising! Introducing the Add-to-Wallet ad unit featuring seamless Apple Wallet integration. This cutting-edge solution not only promotes your products but also entices consumers to make on-the-spot purchases with exclusive promotions and irresistible deals.

Interactive Video

Introducing our Interactive Video Advertising, designed to enhance user engagement and interaction with video content like never before! With our innovative Interactive Video unit, viewers can now actively participate in the experience through dynamic Call-to-Actions (CTAs) seamlessly appearing while the video is playing. Say goodbye to passive viewing and welcome a new immersive and captivating video content era. Get ready to make your video ads truly memorable and effective with interactive elements that keep your audience hooked from start to finish!


The Glider ad unit enables you to showcase to users a revolving slideshow of your finest imagery, complemented by a contextual call-to-action.

Vertical Video

Seamless vertical viewing with our Vertical Video unit. Embrace dynamic content for a superior user experience. Unlock engagement like never before!


Presenting our cutting-edge Clean Off unit, redefining mobile interactivity! Users can now experience the thrill of "cleaning off" the image, akin to revealing hidden treasures. Just like a scratch-off sticker, each swipe unveils something unexpected and delightful. Get ready to captivate your audience like never before with this fresh and engaging interactive experience. Embrace the future of interactive content and watch your audience be amazed by every clean swipe!

In-Place Video

Introducing our In-Place Video, a captivating and fully branded video experience! With the perfect blend of interstitial features and dynamic content, our In-Place Video ads offer full-screen units seamlessly integrated within a branded mobile environment. Unleash the power of interactive video with additional engagements and rich media functions, making your content truly stand out and engage your audience like never before. Elevate your brand's presence with our In-Place Video and leave a lasting impression on your viewers!

Proximity Finder

This powerful feature, combined with a compelling call-to-action for directions, creates the perfect dynamic duo for a seamless user experience. Say goodbye to uncertainty and let our Proximity Finder guide your audience effortlessly to their desired destinations!

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